(More) Reasons Why Autumn Is the Best Time of the Year

Last Year.
- Scarfs, again

As I said last year I love scarves. I mean, they are great. They are like putting a warm hug right around your neck, and also make a suit look more daper. A good scarf can make a rubbish jumper so much better, and will finish off my new blkazer really well.

- The cold smell

The smell I am talking about is the one you get at night and early in the morning. It’s the sharp intake of breath in the morning that wakes the senses, the smell of the cold is such a remarkable feeling

- The Dark Nights
Some people, those who are unenlightened, seem to think that the dark nights are not nice. Wrong. The dark nights are what makes this country so amazing. The lights on Union Street (or Glasgow’s George Square) are as evocative of Christmas and drink than that of actual wrapping paper and carols. It’s the homely feeling of things building up to a proper holiday with family, rather than a disjointed weekend of glimpses and glances with friends.

- Tea and Coffee
Tea is elevated from being a lovely drink to an essential part of the nightly process. A cup of tea before bed is something I have almost without fail, but a cup of tea in the morning becomes wrote and is places, some mornings, even before I’ve had a shower. Coffee in a coffee house comes a close second to tea in this instance.

- Warm Jackets, again

As before Jackets are what makes Winter Winter. I love wearing them. I am going to buy a new one that’s going to chosen not for it’s warming qualities, but it’s ease of hugging.

- Hugs

Enough said.