USA: Hi! Good yeah thanks, but get to fuck. (and the rest of the World I suppose)

I rarely, if ever, have posted a blog post about anything that’s actually for reals important. This is because I first of all am rarely enthused into anything bordering beyond the “whatever” phrase, but also because I don’t think I have a position as to where it makes any contribution to the whole affair, or that my opinion is worth reading. Read my Weakness post for more on this meekness.

But recently my little country, the place of my birth, the country of my friends and family and the one that I love, has recently become the little bastard in the political world for an act of mercy. We released a man who is dying to die with his family in his home country after serving and being convicted of the heinous crime of terrorism. The terrorism that this specifically surrounds is the worst in recent Scottish history, and the largest mass killing this side of William Wallace.

First of all let me say that initially I didn’t agree with the release of Megrahi. The reason I was suspect of the release was because I didn’t know that there had been quite a long process in which the government of Scotland (distinct from the government of Great Britain in matters of law) had weighed up options, and indeed laws passed to overcome these tricky situations, and decided that under the compassionate grounds legislation, and the mercy of him dying, he has been released to his country. So I have changed my mind.

I am allowed to after all. On Friday I listened to Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill having to fend him self from all sides of the arena – his own countrymen, his own parliament, the media, an usually uneducated public, and more importantly, the great big bad bastard that is the USA. Finally, amazingly, Scotland has made Obama an angry prick, ready to start waving his large star spangled banner draped cock around the world drumming up animosity for the little puny nation of Scotland.

But wait. Wait a fucking minute. The man we convicted of the bombings has served 9 years in a Scottish jail, Greenock none the less. He was convicted of a crime under Scottish law. This means we gave him a Scottish sentence. These sentences can be cut sort in times of mercy, like if the person is dying of cancer. It’s called mercy because it gives us the chance to forgive, but not forget, the crime. We take the moral high ground by granting the criminal their wish to die not within the walls of a prison because we can. It’s being humanitarian. By shouting out from the roof tops that the cunt should’ve died in the cell is to ignore what makes our little, piddly nation so different from others.

The other thing that this whole affair smacks of is this horrible hypocrisy, namely coming from our big brother nation of the USA. The first thing that I should point out, as already mentioned in other treatments, is the rather amazing fact that the reason that the PanAm flight was bombed in the first place was because of the USA bombing Iran Air Flight 655. Never heard of it? Well the US bombed it out of the sky mistakenly, killing 290 people (the seventh worst Air “disaster” of all time) including 66 children. Whoops. This is directly responsible for the retaliation bombing of an American flight which is an eye for an eye. It means that the Scots are stuck in the middle of the tussle between two nations because it crashed over a small town in Scotland. The Iranian angle is played down because… well, who wants to bomb innocent people? The US has an amazing double standard going on here.

The second hypocrisy is that of Ronnie Biggs, the Great Train Robber, who this year was released from an English jail on compassionate grounds. Don’t say that we are monsters for even considering releasing Megrahi when you’ve just released a criminal too.

The problem with above statements are pretty obvious though, aren’t they. I mean, Megrahi killed hundred of people and was caught, so he should serve his time. It was a mass murder on unimaginable scale, wasn’t it? So, surely that makes our compassion even greater? We know as a nation what he did was very wrong, and we as a nation know that, in other circumstances, he would be in the prison for the rest of his life. But he is dying and we can take the high ground, and I’m glad that our nation has done so.

With a proviso. A big fucking proviso. This is the motherload. Lybia isn’t exactly our best friends – Gaddafi is a bad person. He has admitted terrorism and such like, we made him. He gave us the prisoners in the first place to put on trial after hundreds of hours of negotiations. It wasn’t easy. So why have we gave him back? Construction? Engineering? Oil?

Anytime Oil is mentioned it becomes a big deal. Oil’s a dirty thing to trade for. Jobs and money is fine, but Oil? Gah! Those bastards. But that’s assuming that we did it for a trade deal, which I don’t think we did. McAskill has said it uses the compassionate grounds not the trade deals we have been trying to batter out to get it done. There will be letters revealed today that might explain it in detail a little more about the decision, but the decision that was made was important. It showed that our nation can take a stance, and is steadfast in it’s beliefs, right or wrong. Even if we chose to do it for a trade deal, it doesn’t erase the rabid hypocrisy that is emanating from the great Christian United States of America.

Mr Obama? We are Scotland. Hi there.