The Nintendo Wii

Never before have I lost interest in an expensive piece of technology so quickly. It’s pretty crap isn’t it. Not that I think it’s actually bad, because Super Mario Galaxy is pretty much one of the greatest games I have ever played, but since then… I haven’t even considered buying another game for it. I mean, the last game I bought for it was Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and it was terrible. The graphics were awful, the control scheme was mental and the game just wasn't any fun. It lacked anything that made me want to keep playing it.

Not even Sonic games that before I’d have religiously bought (and, to this day, I haved owned, in order, Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 2006 and Sonic Unleashed). Some of these games are good… but others are shit. The most recent two are steamingly shit. There are several games that, maybe, I’d have been interested in but for one important factor.

I have an Xbox. My Xbox plays my DVDs, my music over the Wifi, is online, connected to my mates, can stream movies onto it, the graphics are brilliant and the gmaeplay only involves me sitting and playing. I don’t want to wave my controller about like a fudd when I can just silently sit and enjoy it like I would a movie.

And then there’s the problem of playing with people. My Xbox came with two controllers and with Steve’s we have three. Complimented by Shayan, Jonny, Colin, and numerous other people having an Xbox, I have loads of people to play with – the Wii has no one. Other people stayed clear. I should have. I lent it out to two people over the last year and, to be honest, it might as well have stayed with them. I don’t play it. The only two games I would play on it would genuinely be better on the Xbox and have no reason for me to go back and play it.

For example, compare it to my Xbox. I have loads of games for that console that I routinely rotate in and out. I’m playing through Half Life 2 again, about to complete the final chapter (bloody striders) and then I’ll play through episode 1 and 2. I have Left 4 Dead, FIFA, Mass Effect, Halo even, all on rotation.

What I am saying is this: I am a gamer. I’ve been playing games for a while. More than 15 years I have held in my mitts those controllers that the Wii got rid of. The games are just not good enough and the graphics (it’s a shame to say it) are shit. The thing is for kids, and the Xbox is for grown-ups... or kids that have grown-up, pretending to grow-up, like me. It’s time Nintendo released the Wii HD, or I sold mine. Or gave it away. For those who don’t play games it is probably a good change, but for me it’s not compelling enough. And I like the DS.