Some Short Notes on TV Show I Like, 1

30 Rock.
What’s it about? – The show is set in the NBC headquarters in the Rockefeller Center, or the GE Building as it is really called, in New York City. 30 Rock is the name given to the NBC Studios there and from 30 Rock producers Liz Lemon and Pete Hornberger work tirelessly to create The Girl Show, a Saturday Night Live! on a Friday show within the show. Along comes Jack Donaghy as the new head of East Coast and Microwave Programming and makes the show TGS with Tracy Jordan, a crazy and stupid black comedian. Hilarity ensues.
Why do I like it? – The quick humour and the sharp lines make the show worth watching, and the little quirks, like Kenneth the Paige, or Frank the writer, add up to the funniest ensemble cast this side of Arrested Development. In something that I love the show is wickedly self referential, constantly putting in 4th wall breaking jokes about scheduling, real cameos from Conan O’Brien and Jerry Seinfield, as well as great real turns from Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Aniston.
What do I love about it? – Liz Lemon played by Tina Fey <3

What’s it about? – The show is set in the present. For 137 seconds everyone on the planet blacked out and remembered what they would be doing in 6 months time. It was the real future, and FBI agents are trying to figure out who or what caused everyone in the world to black out at the same moment… when they realise that not everyone blacked out and the search begins for “Suspect Zero”.
Why do I like it? – Big sci-fi thought series are my favourite. I loved the premise of Jericho and The 4400 but they both turned out to be shit. In better news, this is like the first season of Lost, before it became bloated and ludrcuosu to the point of wanting to put my fist through a screenwriters face. It still feels like they know where they are going, with the possible exception of the Kangaroo in downtown LA…
What do I love about it? – Two episodes and two dramatic cliffhangers. Also, Jack Davenport.

True Blood
What’s it about? – Set in the present it portrays a world where Vampires, who have always existed, have finally made their existence known after the invention of synthetic blood, meaning they no longer need to feast upon humans. Now, in a world where people are intruged, scared and romanticised by the vampires, we follow Sookie, who can read minds, as she falls in love with Bill, a vampire who is new to her town.
Why do I like it? – It’s a cool idea. The grown up version to the silly girly Twilight series, this features swearing, blood, guts, gore and sex – a fuck load of sex. Like all HBO series, it doesn’t hold back, showing why mortal people want to have sex with vampires, and the fesishisms of wanting to be bitten by a vampire: Fangbangers. It’s also quite trashy, in the same way I like Gossip Girl trashy.
Why do I love it? – “…features swearing, blood, guts, gore and sex – a fuck load of sex…” and Ann Paquin, who is illegally pretty. Oh, and the whole… “sci-fi thought series” thing too. It’s how I’d imagine a Preacher series should be done. And will be done, god damn it.