Aberdeen, Glasgow, Brussels, Bruges, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Edinburgh Part 2 – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah… Amsterdam

I went on Holiday to Aberdeen, Glasgow, Brussels, Bruges, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and these are the posts from this trip.

After successfully managing to hi-jack Jonathan’s Eurostar trip to Brussels and turn it into a mini-tour of Europe, I also managed to get him to go to the Adults playground that is Amsterdam. I was promised delights of which I had never seen before, and to be honest, I wasn’t disappointed.

The Red Light district has to be seen to be believed. It was exactly as I imagined, which is mental, because what I imagined was totally ludicrous and crazy, and it turns out that’s exactly what it is. Women, in windows, hundreds of them, watching you, eyeing you up, deciding if you are a tourist or a tourer, and these women are not unattractive. The opposite – you see, they make a lot of money, and they look fantastic. No point in beating around the bush, so to speak, I would. Not for money, but you know… if they had a British-esque job, like a desk jockey or a Topshop salesperson, not something interesting like being a prostitute,

In less eye opening sight seeing, the Vincent Van Gogh museum was as impressive as I wanted it to be. The paintings and letters were endlessly interesting and fascinating, giving me a surprising highlight of the holiday. One quote hit home:

“Those who can only love and be loved are more serious and holier than those who give up their love and desires for an idea”

I suppose I should mention that we drank beer on this holiday, and whilst Jupiler and Heineken were in abundance, it was the Belgian Brugge Trippel that had my taste buds going “Laldi” to coin Shayan’s favourite phrase. The fact it was 12% was of no matter to us Scots, brought up on Super from our first Milk round at Primary School.