Fuck: X Factor

This is a break between two more posts about the holiday to BelNel because there is no time like the present.

Fuck the X Factor. It may have millions of people watching it, million of pounds of cash goes into making it every single year and it is more successful each year they make it, but there is something seriously wrong with it, and in fact, Britain as a whole.

You see, its about the uneducated majority being in charge. It’s like a good experiment in what democracy would be like if all the idiots in the world were the only ones voting. It’s a compelling argument for voting isn’t it? Endless morons and idiots only voting for who their red top bullshit rag tells them to and base ever decision on the next big thing rather the actual facts and longevity. I’m intellectual to a degree, and learned, and if I don’t vote then the idiots will get their way.

Why is the X Factor so shit? Firstly, its so disposable it is ludicrous. We choose the Winner and then a year later we have another winner. The rest of the winners are cast asunder if they don’t make money… and the reason they don’t make money? Those who voted for them to win stop buying their records. It’s like a massive conveyor belt of bullshit and media arse-ache and I can’t believe people still actually watch it and take it for real. Even the people who go on the program must think that it’s a fucking load of bullshit as they are actually part of the big bleeding cancerous machine.

Now I am not going to say to buy the Rage Against the Machine song, even though I have, because that’s not the point. The point is that the show it’s self, whilst being good fluff, selling papers and Carphone Warehouse phones, and a massive schedule filler, a problem Channel 4 will have next year when they cull Big Brother, it’s just not any good. I mean, after this Christmas the winner, Joe, will probably be cast aside because he is exactly the same as every other processed wanker on the charts – music is changing and it’s not going to make money for ever and if these shows keep going it will erode even more at their appeal.

The irony is that the more X Factor shows they have, the less impact any X Factor show has. They reached their nadir with Leona, an actual marketable singer to the rest of the world, and should’ve stopped there. The other argument says they should’ve stopped at the abomination that was Chico.