Some Short Notes on TV Shows I Like, 2

What’s it about? – Thanks Dad… Dexter is a blood spatter specialist that works in the Miami Metro Homicide unit, and is one of the best in his field. The trouble is… Dexter isn’t that law abiding – he’s a serial killer, tracking down and killing those murderers who have beaten the system or have not been caught. He’s been trained by his father, Harry, to not get caught. In the first season, a similar serial killer is doing the rounds, and Dexter is a little bit jealous.
Why do I like it? – It’s a clever idea, if a little stupid at the same time. Dexter is a strange character for you to like. The whole turmoil of actually not wanting a serial killer to be caught when he is chasing a serial killer is simply put breath taking – how can I like the cold blooded killing machine? Also, the show is full of gore, swearing and sex. Lots of sex. For a serial killer, he gets his a little too much for my liking.
Why do I love it? – It’s all down to the characters. Dexter himself is so interesting a creation and so perfectly played by Michael C Hall, its hard to think of Dexter as anyone else now. Rita is the sweetest girlfriend in any TV show ever… the Police on the other hand are as fucked up as Dexter. Take his sex crazed half sister Debra, or the dodgy LaGuerta, or the only cop that realises Dexter’s a bit of a weirdo, Doakes. It’s a good series and well worth looking into.

Limmy’s Show
What’s it about? – Sketch show featuring Limmy. Nothing more than that.
Why do I like it? – It’s a Glaswegian comedian making funny things about Glasgow in a Scottish accent. Think Chewing the Fat but done with my sense of humour. The pilot last year was hilarious on first viewing but was picked up by myself and my mates and the phrasings entered the common lexicon. The series starts on Monday on BBC 2 Scotland and should (fingers crossed) be awesome.
Why do I love it? – Mostly because I like the guy himself – via Twitter and his blog he’s been more active in real life than on his show and that’s a cool way to gain fans. The show also has some pretty cool characters, namely John-Paul, the ned that anyone from Scotland will recognise and Jacqueline, the drug addict from Priesthill who hates “priesty bastarts”.