I went to accident and emergency last night for the first time in a long time. I was playing five a sides and had the ball catch me full in the face, dislocating my jaw and rendering me unable to complete my cheese burgers. That was the final straw, and as such, I called NHS 24 and then drove to the hospital. Firstly, I thank to lord for the NHS, as it is the greatest thing about being British, no question. There is not one person in the UK who would really bemoan the healthcare, especially when they need it.

Right now my cousin is in hospital seriously ill (but getting better) and as is my gran, so my trip was the third thing to end us up in hospital, but much less severe. But I had never been to late night A&E on my own, and with Steve already in bed, I had no choice. It was even his shot that caused the incident.

Sitting there, at 1am, with several other people perpetually waiting, each of us wondering the order in which we would be seen, gave a sort of strange perversion that bordered on insanity – I love watching people… and these people, these patients of the night, were utter compelling.

There was the couple who had to wait, even after a prolonged wait at the G Docs for help. They were quietly fuming. The man who came in after me had a problem with his toes, saying that his toe nails had came off. There were several next of kins awaiting the call to come into the main wards to see their loved one in a state of illness. As a note I had to say my father was my next of kin, which was interesting as he lives 156 miles away. Maybe I should’ve put someone within driving disatance… and not so lazy as not to take me to the hospital. In anycase, the wonderings of a bored mind are something that I can deal with it, even without music, and the dealthy quiet of the waiting room was actually soothing in a way I cannot describe.

An ederly woman picked up a coin, look at me, smiled, and then walked over to a couple who had came in after their son had been admitted with “stomach pains”. She gave them the coin and said “Here, take this for good luck”. It was poignant and sweet, and humbled my dark festering soul.

I am seen to quickly I suppose, and shown the door after getting my jaw reset. Agony like none other I had experienced before, and the mere thought of having to do it again has made me consider the advice the doctor gave me: hold your jaw when laughing, coughing or yawning.

I just sneezed and almost passed out from the pain, so that’s a tip for free.