Exile Part 1

I’ve considering doing something like this in the past. In fact, long before the invention of Twitter or the spread of Facebook, and even long before I had even started to write a blog. The idea for a self imposed exile has always attracted me, and the original idea came from the thought of turning my phone off back when text messages were new and flashy. I remember when my phone could only take 10 messages and every one would send them back and forth and I’d feel like the hub of social endeavours. It’s funny to see now how primitive it all was then, but at the time I felt like I was being snowed under with constant bombardment of information from friends – little did I know what was to come.

Some reading this will be surprised at these words and my plan because I have integrated Facebook, Twitter, et al so neatly into my social life. True, and sometimes I really enjoy reading the messages and the updates and the news, and other times I worry what it is making me become. I feel like a voyeur, reading in on conversation between friends, seeing what they are all doing, seeing who they are all getting drunk with, and most importantly who they are splitting up from and getting engaged to. It’s making me feel like I am spying on someone elses friends, a group of people I rarely talk to but know intimately.

But mostly it’s the feeling that a lot of my time is taken up with Twittering and Facebooking, if I am allowed to add “ing” to the end of any brand I see before me. I receive stick from friends in real life from twittering, even though it amounts to the same as a three line email or a text message, or even like this blog. I write this blog because I want to, and enjoy it, and really enjoy that fact that quite a larger number of people also read it (maybe even enjoy it). However, my twitter is so self indulgent and my Facebook is so vaguely impersonal, it’s beige.

So my plan is that, from the 29th March to the 12th April 2010 I will be permanently logged out from Twitter and Facebook. I will not respond to any messages on either and will not log in once to post photos, check on peoples updates, nor to see what you’ve been doing. Why? Three reasons:

Firstly I want to see if I can do it.
Secondly I want to see if it makes a difference to my life
Thirdly I kind of like the idea of being just me and my texts for a while.

To help me, I am setting rules. I will deleted Tweetie and the Facebook app from my iPhone, set up a rule in my Gmail to send any Twitter and Facebook emails to a separate folder for after the two weeks, and most importantly remove the shortcuts and pre-login passwords from the Google Chrome. It’s already planned. It’s already in development.

It’s going to be… interesting. I think.