Exile Part 2: Expansion

Okay so some of you know I am on Exile from Twitter and Facebook. What some of you might not know is that over a few beers the concept expanded into another realm of my internet persona – message boards, blogs and web comics. This was probably going to be harder than Twitter and Facebook for an important reason – that would amount to the sole reason I pay for internet in the first place. Namely music blogs, which make up 100% of my internet reading. It was like taking away football from my flatmate, or incidentally, like taking away cooking and bakery blogs from my co-exiler. The long and short of it was that I won, unceremoniously, the main part of the bet. So I now have my music blogs back and all is right with the world.

Actually not quite, as there is a second part of the expansion that I have not explained. The second part of the revised bet came about when I showed to Steve that I was deleting Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone. He asked, probably innocuously, “Can you turn off the internet on the iPhone?” which quickly transformed into the question “Could you go without your iPhone?”. I said yes because apart from making phone calls, the Facebook and Twitter parts were basically the only other thing I used it for. So, I’m now in Exile from the iPhone until next week. It’s not as bad as some people expected, because clemency was given when I rightfully pointed out that it doubles as my MP3 player, so all I have done was turn my iPhone into a jaked iPod. If they had taken away my iPod you might as well have struck me down where I stand.

Anyway, this serves as an update for those attentive readers, of which I assume there are literally some of, and I will be posting much healthier on here this coming week which much less self centred bullshit.