London: Alone

They say two’s company, and three’s a crowd. I don’t know who “they” actually is but people do say that, don’t they? Anyway… what’s one… all alone and never more has been so? As has been covered in a couple of posts here and there, I like music and I go to a lot of concerts taking with me the unimpressed friends and family that have no choice but to humour my one true passion in life. It’s obvious for me that I need to take someone as music and live music is a social experience and something that I have grown up doing with friends. It is here where I point out I have never been to a concert alone.

So I bought two tickets to London to see New York hipsters LCD Soundsystem at the O2 Brixton Academy without really worrying about who to take with me. It’s not that I assumed that I could find someone to go, but I just thought that maybe someone would want to come along for the fun and the company of myself – it turned out that I couldn’t rustle any of my highly paid friends to come along and went alone.

Alone on holiday for 5 days. Not only had I never been to a concert alone, I’d never actually been on holiday alone either. It seemed less “plonkerish” of me to go to London and do some sight seeing alone than go to the concert alone for some reason. Indeed, the three days I spent in London alone were surprisingly great fun. It meant that I could go and see what I wanted and for as long as I fancied. So, when I was sitting in the sunshine on the Camden Canal sipping a fruit smoothie, I had only myself to worry about. When I spent 5 hours looking at the exhibits in the Natural History museum I felt no pang of disappointment or guilt as there was no one else to worry about boring. I spent a whole hung over morning walking amongst the Marathon runners and the Tate Modern in a daze without once having to talk to a single soul and it was cathartic.

The problem was at night. Having dinner in a pub on your own is not the most fun, though I broke the barrier of that by roping in some old timers to talk to about the Fulham team, of which none believe my opinion of “They’re pretty good huh?”. I managed to find a friend of a friend to tag along with to the LCD gig after punting my second ticket to a hapless fan for face value. On Saturday night I danced and jigged my way across Central London to find my self locked out of my hotel room in my under pants for a reason that I still can’t quite fathom.

After several holidays to places with people it was a refreshing change of pace to just be able to hang about London at my own speed and style. It felt relaxing compared to other City Breaks I have done and whilst I have absolutely no doubt that I would have much a million times more fun had a friend came (laughing at the Modern Art, drinking in the pub, laughing at the hipster cunts in the park) it felt great to try being on my own for a while and that, actually, while two’s company and three’s a crowd, one maybe be all alone… but that’s not a problem at all.