Kiana Firouz

I don't normally put serious stuff on this blog because, I fear, I can't do it justice. However, this story is pretty bad... it's still to be confirmed, of course, and until then I assume you can just take it as another internet story, but it points out somethings I hate.

The story is of an Iranian lesbian film maker who has applied for UK asylum because if deported back to Iran she will most likely be executed publicly for homosexuality. I cannot fathom the reasons... but her application was denied. The UK is looking at these laws, hopefully to fix them, because I feel that no matter what we have the right to protect the innocent from being persecuted in their own, unevolved country. Especially when the person doesn't live there, but resides here.

It also neatly points out my hatred of the Conservative Party and their homophobic, outdated views (their comments on homosexual rights are deplorable, and in fairness they don't have anything to do with this actual case...). I said I wouldn't mention the election again, and I won't. But if someone is going to be deported to a country that doesn't tolerate their lifestyle and they might be executed for it, yet they can live here, and are contributing to the society, surely as a developed nation and a liberal nation we have a duty to allow them to stay here?

Read the article over on Coilhouse. And sign a petition.