The Pholly of my Phones

Working at the Link in my teens, I had a lot of phones. In fact at one point not only did I have three phones, I had more than one contract for a while just so I could have the top phones. One of the those contracts was a free one, natch, as part of the 3G network trials that Vodafone gave me. They also gave me a phone as part of the deal… a bulky battery deficient 3G prototype, sure, but it was a big step forward. Here lies my phone history from 1999 – 2010. 14 phones in 11 years.

Notes: I avoided 18th month contracts for years. All contracts are 12 months, and the number quoted does not show any further call charges. Also, I am guessing at some of them as I can’t quite remember the numbers.

Philips BT Cellnet Savvy.
Bought by my dad at first, it was used by me for a while before I bought my own phone. £Free
Nokia 3210
Still my favourite phone. It lasted for years and was the best looking phone of the time. The changeable covers were a gold mine for a few years for the makers of accessories that wouldn’t last. It broke, suddenly, one afternoon and I was back to the Savvy, this time with my own SIM card.
£90 up front, probably £10 a month average for 2 years. Total: £330
Sharp GX10
The first camera phone released in the UK, I picked it up in 2002 on my first contract, one my father signed up for me, not being 18. It was the envy of all my friends – seriously. £Free, £35 a month for 12 months. Total: £420

Sharp GX10i
Only had this one for a short while, if at all. Insurance meant that when I broke my GX10 I got the next model up which I sold to Steven and then I upgraded for real.
£Free. Sold for £70.

Sharp GX20
The direct upgrade of my Sharp, this phone still to this day is probably the second best phone I had – good camera, excellent design… my sister used it long after it was no longer mine, and it still works to this day.
£Free, £35 a month for 12 months. Total: £420
Nokia 6230
The daddy of phones. This phone was the most advanced phone of it’s time, bringing bluetooh, videoing, camera… it was a classic phone. I had it for a short while before…
£Free, £40 a month for 12 months. Total: £480

Nokia 6230i
I upgraded, via insurance, to a new version. Better screen, better camera, this new version was identical. This mean I got itchy feet.
£Free, gave to parents. (maybe a £50 excess… can’t say for sure)

Samsung D500
The phone of the moment when released. This slider captured a lot of people’s imagination and after I sold several on high value contracts, I picked it up and loved it.
£Free, £30 contract for 12 months. Total: £360

Samsung D600
Used an O2 contract to get this phone when it first came out and that’s the contract I still have to this day. This phone is, even by today’s standards, probably still worth a punt. I sold it to a friend much later on, after I picked up my upgrade. I have very few of any of my past phones.
£50, £40 contract for 12 months (was punished for not taking a 18 month deal). Sold for £90. Total: £440

Samsung Z105
This was the prototype phone I pocketed from Vodafone during the early days of their trial. The speed was pretty impressive – I watched Sky News on Buchanan Street before anyone else knew you could, but now it’s very antiquated. And the phone was a bit shit.
£Free, free contract, £70 cashback and sold for £40. Total: £-110

Nokia N80
Probably the last phone of my phone geekery. This was a powerhouse of the time, and even to this day has a better camera than my current phone. I spent a fucking ton of cash on this phone, and it was very powerful, but I lost all care for having the latest phone by this point.
£75, contract £45 for 12 months. Total: £615
Nokia E65
The worst phone I’ve ever had. Fell apart, stopped working quickly; battery was derelict after 5 months. Instantly regretted getting the phone, even when it was pretty advanced. My only phone I’ve ever had I truly hated.
£Free, £30 a month for 12 months Total: £360
Nokia 6300
Back to basics by this point. I had had enough of paying over the odds for phones and decided that a simple easy to use phone was worth while. It was cheap, neat, small, easy to use, and I actually had to back to using it recently during my exile.
£100 on existing contract. Total: £100
Apple iPhone 3G
I realised I want one of these after playing with a friends iPod touch. It was a marvel to use and I knew that, with my next upgrade, I’d pick it up. Now that everyone else has them, I’m no longer at the bleeding edge; just which everyone and the technology have caught up with me. I can’t go back from the iPhone now though. Friends have similar phones, such as the HTC Hero and HTC Desire, but I am so engrained into the iPhone system I cannot shift. Much like someone who uses a Macbook, it’s really nice to stay on an Apple level.
£Free, £45 a month for 24 months. Total: £1080
Apple iPhone 4?
I am already thinking that it’s a no brainer to go for the next iPhone. Rumoured to hit later this summer, I will pick it up on Day One if I can, using my contacts in the O2 mill to secure me it or death to them. I don’t really care though – the battery on my phone is wrecked and that’s the only reason I really need to upgrade. I’m still happy with my iPhone almost 2 years after getting it, and that’s incredible when, back when I was younger, I barely had a phone for long enough to reach the end of the contract never mind 6 months from after it’s expired.

Total cost: £4425 or £402 a year. And I am by no means the worst offender…