Statistics on My Music

There’s something else going on today, but I’ll be damned if I am going to even mention that clusterfuck. So insteads here’s some music I like some stats about my profile. does a thing called scrobbling where, via the internet, everytime you listen to a track it sends the information to the website and it stores it up. This works on my PC through iTunes and Windows Media Player, with Spotify, on the Hype Machine, and more importantly, Spotify Mobile and my iPod. So it’s pretty blanket coverage. If it covered my car I’d be a happy man.

What it does allow you to do is to see your overall artists, albums and songs since you started Scrobbling to the site.

Okay, so here’s my top listened to artists of all time (since 2006).

1 Belle and Sebastian 1001
2 The Smiths 974
3 Idlewild 750
4 Interpol 684
5 Modest Mouse 663
6 The Walkmen 604
7 Elbow 521
8 Arab Strap 506
9 Manic Street Preachers 501
10 Mogwai 476

Since 2006 I have listened to 35000 tracks (and counting, I suppose) so Belle and Sebastian manage a measly 2.86% of my overall plays. The list is good because it is pretty much my favourite bands of all time, save for a few important missing ones – Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Mars Volta and recent artists like The Twilight Sad, The xx, Why? and LCD Soundsystem don’t make an appearance in the top 10 but I would consider them for the actual popular top 10 I suppose.

The strangest one appearing there is Manic street Preachers – I don’t really like them that much I suppose. Amazed they are above Mogwai at all.

Here’s my top albums of all time (since 2006).

1 We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank – Modest Mouse 358
2 You & Me – The Walkmen 309
3 XX – The XX 283
4 Bombshell – King Creosote 282
5 Turn On the Bright Lights 245
6 Journal for Plague Lovers – Manic Street Preachers 242
7 We Are the Physics Are O.K. At Music – We Are the Physics 238
8 Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles 225 (Note 1)
9 The Relationship of Command – At the Drive-in 213
10 Post Electric Blues – Idlewild 205

Note 1 – The two Crystal Castles’ albums are both self titled and probably doesn’t know how to figure that out yet.

The numbers are the number of times I have listened to a track from that album. I notice that it might explain some of the artists being in the first list – whilst the Modest Mouse album is amazing, it’s not my favourite album of theirs having recently discovered the back catalogue. Also, I listened pretty much only to Journal for Plague Lovers (50% of my Manic Street Preachers plays are from that one album) but I notice, probably unsurprisingly, it’s more representative of my fads with a certain band – notice the appearance of The XX (my current band du jour) and We Are the Physics (a band I haven’t listened to in almost 2 years).

This is my overall most played tracks (since 2006).

1 Cold Days from the Bird House – The Twilight Sad 58
2 It Could’ve Been a Brilliant Career – Belle and Sebastian 47
3 Donde Esta La Playa – The Walkmen 43
4 Mammoth – Interpol 43
5 In the New Year – The Walkmen 42
6 The Boy With the Arab Strap – Belle and Sebastian 41
7 Me and the Major – Belle and Sebastian 41
8 Admiral – King Creosote 39
9 NYC – Interpol 39
10 Intro – The XX 38

This is even less indicative of anything really as some of those tracks are the first tracks on some of my favourite albums. I have only posted it for completeness.

So, as a barometer, how about my most recent bands then? (The last six months)

1 Deftones 366
2 Los Campesinos! 194
3 Idlewild 163
4 LCD Soundsystem 156
5 Sparklehorse 151
6 Boards of Canada 131
7 The Mars Volta 120
8 Why? 116
9 The xx 114
10 Gorillaz 113

As a geek is a brilliant tool to allow me to check my bands, who I listen to, and most importantly the recommendation system has given me loads of amazing bands to listen to – some I hold very dearly. Aereogramme (31st in my overall list) were the first ever band I got from the site and rank in my personal band list. So too were The Joy Formidable, who appear interestingly at 168th with a record that only came out early this year (or I only got it then).

Deftones are a group that my infatuation with predates my cataloguing online – so too are Linkin Park (66th), Papa Roach (86th), Rage Against the Machine (72nd), Coldplay (35th) and others, whose positions would be much higher (maybe even top 10).

The total number of bands on my list is 473 positions.

So… what’s the point in this? None really, no point. Apart from the recommendations, it’s merely just a cataloguing exercise. It works best the more you use it (like Twitter) and the more people who you friend on it. You get a compatibility rating which is fun – all it would take is for someone to plug this into a dating website and BLAM I’d be happily married.