Holiday 2010: Camping

This week I am off to Ireland for five nights hotel/camping with the Lads. By lads I mean Shayan, Steve and my co-blogger Catastrophic Inversion so not really "Lads". Before I go however, there's a few firsts that are of note - the first being that I am taking the car with me. Indeed, we all are as this is a road trip to the emerald isle and that means that I am going to be driving. The second thing of note is that I will be allowing these muppets a chance to drive my car - legally of course. And not Shayan after his... banning. Yeah, am I going to let him have a shot of the car after being banned from driving.

Thirdly we are going camping. Indeed tagged onto the end of the camping in Ireland is my first ever cameo at a Scout Camp. So after camping with two relative novices - Steve and Shayan having never camped before, I will be returning to where my love of camping was born from, my Scouting days. I am obviously quite excited.

I say cameo because this is a Summer Camp. My troop do an 8 night 9 day long camp at the end of the school year and all leaders go for the full term. I spent 8 summers in a row going to the camps and loved every single minute of them. They created a friendship with my fellow scouts that endures to this day. It also taught me how to cook, technically. The best thing about next week is that after a three year gap I will be going back. I was a leader with my troop for 5 years during my 6th year of high school and my four years at university. My last camp was at Spean Bridge, just outside Fort William, and had to cut short by a few days due to my impending graduation. This troubled me at the time as I genuinely didn't want to cut it short. It did mean how ever that I managed to wrangle a magic almost free train ride home.

So I am glad to be going back to Sluggan Bridge, the home of my first ever camping experience as a Scout over ten years ago. I am quietly excited.

Also, I note that this is me reminsiscing about something that happened within the lifespan of this blog, which is a strange one. Radical.