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When I was a kid I went to Primary school very close to my house. Indeed, if I were to make a Google Map and point out my child hood house and my two schools, you’d be shock as to see how close they are. So, I have done that. See below.

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See? Bloody close! This meant that if I wanted to I could sleep in to any time of the morning and get away with it. Starting Universtiy and work in 2003 I had to start getting up hours earlier as the commute was 1 hour 20 minutes into the city centre. Living so close to my out-side-the-city-of-Glasgow schools came back to haunt me very quickly. The bus in morning at 7.20am was always quite deathly until we drove through the heavily populated areas of Shawlands and Pollokshaws. A sick dance was created by the regulars – I’d have finished reading my free newspaper, the Metro, by the time “Glasses and Hair” got on the bus and I’d offer it to her almost on a daily basis.

And this weekend I slipped down to Glasgow to say goodbye to a friend that I won’t see for a long time as his trip to Japan for 3 months ends the exact same time as my planned trip to America for 12 months starts. Trips to Glasgow are always interesting, as the city is changing at a pace that I can’t quite fathom. Once again, the motorway construction is marvellous – the bridges are slowly creeping over the roads that I used to see day in day out for four years and the change in the landscape in that part of the city is incredible. Also, it appears that in my absecnse someone upped the price of a bus ticket to mad heights – almost £4 for a day ticket which is pushing on the London Underground for stupidity. I used to buy an allday ticket for half that when I started university 7 year ago.

This post isn’t a “old man grumping about the cost of things” though, it’s more a sad reflection of a city that I am slowly becoming no longer partisan to – pubs are changing name and places are becoming out and in of vogue. And whilst that might depress some, or shock many, I find it exciting – I go “home” and find things have changed and it feels like I have gone away, it feels like the right thing and that is something I find exciting. To see somewhere you used to know so well move on and change is proof that you are living your life and things are going somewhere. Where they are going, I don’t know I suppose, but it’s reassuring that things do change over time.

Miscellaneous Thoughts slightly related:
- I got the National Express bus down the road this weekend and between Aberdeen and Dundee it was just me on the bus – the biggest and most comfortable taxi I’ve ever had.
- ITV HD’s mess up meant that I missed the England goal on my recording of the England USA game. Made me cry with laughter when I realised it was the whole of the UK that got the fail, and not just Scotland.
- I am going camping soon. I am so excited about this that I am considering going to by a Trangia stove. :D