World Cup

I thought it best to drop in my two pence on something that’s just about to start – the World Cup. I have heard various things over the last few weeks from the stupid people complaining about the fact that the tournament will be everywhere, to the idiotic tournament competitors bemoaning the ball, to the ridiculously overblown adverts and credit sequences for the TV channels. The World Cup is finally here and Scotland aren’t there. For a long time I wondered if I wiould enjoy a tournament as a spectator but recently I am convinced that not only would Scotland at a major tournament be incredible, I actually wouldn’t know what to do – unlike my parents’ generation, who had 5 successive attempts at the tournament, Scotland haven’t been to a major tournament since 1998 and I wasn’t even of age to drink then.

In saying that though, I did go to France during the competition, which was amazing. Seeing the fans in Paris, taking photos of the Mexico and South Korean fans was something of a life time experience. I want to go to a World Cup again, and this time as a fan. But that’s out of my hands.

I am going to cooped up in the flat watching as many games as I possibly can – but this weekend I am missing too many games for my liking having had to commute to Glasgow over Saturday, then missing the USA – Engerland game, and then travelling again on Sunday. Grr.

My teams for this tournament are Mexico, the USA, and Spain (who I think will make the final). If anyone complains about the amount of football on the TV in my presence I will balefully point out that it’s 4.5 weeks every 4 years, or for 2.1% of that 4 year period, the finals take place. Get a grip – you live in a country where Football’s the sport. Indeed, you live in a world where Football is the sport.

The first World Cup I remember is the 1994 tournament where I was a Brazil fan. I first watched it religiously in 1998 for a while, and then in 2002 I stared expectantly early in the morning at the TV. In 2006 I watched as many as could. I remember the recent Euro championships more, namely 2004 and 2008 for being on holiday when they took place.

Nothing excites me more.