Active Imagination

As a child I exercised my active imagination onto my toy cars, my Lego, and my simulation computer games. In Rollercoaster Tycoon I’d build massive empires of Rollercoasters and theme parks with infinite detail and class. My Lego was built up to the high heavens with technical bridges, railway stations, massive boats and houses all constructed each summer time. My toy cars had a Universe so diverse that it ranged from small towns to massive football stadiums all from within my bedroom.

Unfortunately for my sister, she was subject to these almost non stop for 8 weeks a year as I spent long days playing these massive made up worlds, build plots and characters out of thin air. I was never happier as a child than when drawing up plans for a massive new Lego railway and eating cheese sandwiches. You’d think my imagination might’ve vanished as I got older – but you’d be wrong.

Instead my imagination now wanders into places that I can’t go – and as such I have came up with several not so inspired ideas for movies, comic books and novels that I am burst to write. I don’t know if I have the skill or the patience to follow them through (my recent short story writing is almost the peak of which I can deal with) so there lies ideas in my head that are un fulfilled expect in my miserable dark warehouse of my mind that I cannot purge. The reason why this is so prevailent today is that after seeing Inception, which is one of the greatest films I have ever seen, I realise that some of my ideas are close to real life ideas, and I’d thought of them “first”. So to speak, I guess.

I am a frustrated writer, obviously. And I intend to never stop thinking these stories. And, I fear, that I’ll never be able to play with my Lego again. So this will have to make do.