Cancelling my Stuff

I’m leaving the UK for a year. That’s you now brought up to speed. The problems that are inherent with this move involve friends, missing people, missing events, missing family, and missing Irn Bru. The most important thing is that according to my sources the market around the corner from my new apartment sells Irn Bru so that’s going to ease the pain. The biggest problem it appears is the logistics – not the logistics of getting there, you understand, but the getting rid of stuff I can’t take.

This means my “services”. What I mean is stuff that I subscribe to – like my gym, my cinema card, my phone line, my bank. These are all tied up to my permanent address in Aberdeen and, now that I am leaving, my flatmate is probably going to be leaving the flat when the lease is up in late 2010 which presents me a problem.

The bank is going to stay the same, as in not cancelled, but I’m reverting the address back to my parents. Nothing comes through for it, however, as it’s all done via eBanking these days. The gym is being “cancelled” though to be honest I haven’t been in a while – m y excuse is that it’s now a horrible building site as they rebuild the thing, but it’s also because I am a lazy so and so. Gotta get rid of my car too, so that’ll be going after I have left, leaving that to my father to deal with after I have left. It’s too much of a big advantage having it still to move gear back and forth between places.

Stuff like books will come with me. It is telling that the first things I figured out was my technology – I am going to pick up either a new style Xbox 360 and transfer my Hard Drive stuff onto it OR pick up a Playstation 3. I have already eyed up a MacBook Pro for my next laptop, picking that up as my Birthday present to my self in early September.

How do I get rid of all of services without the least amount of hassle? Well, if you want a tip on how to cancel stuff, just tell that you are leaving the country. I guess it should be that easy, and it is. I have now managed to get rid of a few major outgoings due to just telling that I am leaving. Seems like it shouldn’t have been that easy, but it genuinely is.

Other things that are a little less easy to transfer. Like people. And they’re not exactly ripe for cancelling, or transferring.