Getting into America

This week I was awarded a 36 month L1 Visa for entry, living and work in the United States of America for my planned move in late August. Even though I know I am highly qualified, have good experience, and have an unblemished record, it’s still unsettling to have to prove yourself to an interviewer for the second time for this particular job interview. It’s also the most bored I have ever been having struggled with no internet, music, reading material (of a fashion – I stole The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from a co-interviewee for a few chapters) and sitting still in the sweltering heat of a room that was obviously designed by someone in the 1970s that had just found the straight edge on their set square.

But that’s just another step of the whole affair as the next major hurdle is actual getting into the country at the port of entry. After my trip to New York last year I know what to expect, in a sense. I now have a form that gives me right of stay and will have a new passport page to have signed and stamped.

The best thing about this trip, my first ever flying alone, was that I got to watch people. Watching people is one of my Favouritiest Things in the World™ and I have compiled a list of the people I saw on this trip into a handy bullet point form factor.

- There was the man who sat with his pretty partner and chatted at length, engrossed in each other, right up until the point his meal arrived. At this point, he popped hin phone the table, rammed the headphones into his ears and ate his whole meal like this, removing them after licking his plate clean.
- There was the on a honey moon couple behind me in the airport queue that sounded like they had just met. Each word and sentence was crafted to precision, as if on a first date and making sure that you are not going to say anything untoward.
- There was the couple sitting waiting in the Visa lounge that looked like students. He was seen to first and said “I’ll get you outside” after he had been seen to saying “just having a fag, yeah? Get you at star bucks in a second” assuming that she was going to be next. That was an hour and half before I was seen and she was still sitting there as I left. Poor girl.
- There was the grim northern man who was sitting opposite me in Wagamama and complains about his food being late – I saw his meal being given to another customer instead of him and enjoyed his umbrage.
- There was the family of Spanish kids who got off at the wrong stop on the Tube for Heathrow and were banging on the doors trying to get back in to get back to the rest of their party.

So I’ll keep you all posted. I am not sure what I am going to do about this blog. Should I stars-and-stripes it? Change it’s name? Keep it the way it is? Who actually cares?