Write in for Writing's Sake: Murder

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Author's Note: I wrote this trying to capture a conversation that was between lovers. The plot actually came to me during the writing, and I had to go back and do some serious work on the start as it ended out being almost 2000 words long. I'm happy with the ending, but maybe not the pacing.

Anyway, I highly suggest you look at the others that were written for the subject "Murder" as they were amazing. In fact, I implore you to jump to the site each week and have a read at the other posts, they are pretty amazing.

She was smoking a cigarette. He was sipping his gin and tonic. They were friends, sure, but they had slept together a long time ago, and it hadn’t complicated things; things had already been complicated. They both, in the years that had passed, had used that single past rendezvous to masturbate to, and both had wished it would happen again. But this wasn’t the time to talk about it, and after tonight there might be a chance, however unlikely, that it would happen. What had to happen tonight would ruin everything forever and there was no other way it could happen, it couldn’t be avoided. They both knew that.

He looked at her. She smiled, her gaze still looking at the smoke from her cigarette. She didn’t need to say anything as anything that could be said was being said in the silence. Their love was deeper and more precious than any other love they had either had before or since, and it was for that reason that tonight would happen. He subconsciously tapped his dispatch case.

“It’s all there, don’t worry” she purred. Her cigarette smoke was trailing her hands into the night.

“Even the money?”

“Even the money”


“You brought the Dollars?”

“Yeah. Yours is in Euros, yes?”

“Of course”

They fell silent again. Her cigarette ended. His gin and tonic was drained. The night and time moved on and yet they said nothing to each other for a long time. He shifted his weight and decided to speak. Her flat was perfectly laid out like a hotel room. He liked it that way.

“So, you know –“ he started.

“Yes, I know where she will be. I have studied your email intensely, don’t worry.”

“Okay, I am just a little nervous.”

“Keep your wits about you” she said looking at him for the first time. Her eyes drilled holes in his heart that were filled with springs. He felt alive in her presence. She felt the same way but was always more calm about the jobs they had to perform. “If you mess it up and he doesn’t die, then we are both exposed… quite blatantly, in fact.”

“I know that. I won’t miss my chance.”



“Where are you going then?”

“I can’t tell you that” she said. Her smile had dropped.


“You know I can’t tell you.”


“Where will you be heading?” she asked, her head cocked to his right slightly. There was a slight smile back.

“I can’t tell you that.” He replied, his smile broadening. He already knew where she would be. He was just asking so he could hear her say it.

“That’s the right answer” she said. She thought of the freedom that they would have in 24 hours time. They would both be free. Free from their lives that had been delivered to them as a cover for their actual professions… but had suffocated both of them. She thought of her lifeless “husband” with bullet holes riddled in his chest and her heart skipped a beat. She was excited by the prospect of his death more so than any other mark she had delivered to a killer. She too knew where he was going to head to. It had been planned a long time ago.

He stood up and looked at her again and smiled. She glanced his way again, for what would be last time. He slipped his hand under the dispatch case handle and then his other into his inside left jacket pocket and pulled out a gun. She was still not looking at him. He stayed there standing waiting for her to look at him. She didn’t. Then she spoke.

“When did you decide to kill me then?”

“A few weeks ago” he said his hand steady.

“I assume it is the same reason that I considered killing you?”

“Probably, yes.”

“They don’t know who we are and they don’t know we know each other. I checked it all out, there’s no traces back to us.”

“That maybe the case, but I can’t take the risk”.

“So you’ll kill me, and let him be the free one and you’ll still be locked into your loveless marriage?”

“Not quite.”


“I killed her two hours ago.”

The room was silent. She realised he’d done what she’d not even considered, and made a play so perfect that it was most unlike him. She suddenly realised what had happened.

“They gave you me. I am your last target. This was a set up. The company want me dead and they used you.”

“I volunteered, actually” he said matter-of-factly.

She finally looked at him, her eyes tearless and blank. His gaze was steadfast and sure, and he wasn’t going to change his mind, she could see that. She didn’t need to ask. So instead, she didn’t speak.
“Are you annoyed at me?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I am surprised at that.”

“Are you truthfully?” she asked.

“Not really no, actually. I thought you’d be pulling the gun on me.”

“I thought about it.”

“Why didn’t you?”


He cocked the gun, loading a round into the chamber.

“… when they came to me and asked me to kill you, I said “No””

His aim swayed a little, before retraining on her head.

“They asked you to take me?” he asked.

She nodded. He didn’t move.

“You realise that if we had both said yes this might’ve worked out?” he said.

“I realise that now, I just thought you’d say no.”

“I considered it” he admitted. There was an eternal pause. His hand was still steady, her gaze still trained on his eyes. He looked away briefly. He started to think about new routes, new avenues, how this could work, how they could play it. As ever, she read his mind.

“You have to now. If you don’t it won’t end. You must kill me.” She was ready. She realised her mistake was to forgot what a professional he was. He wouldn’t turn down his biggest job, take out the rival assassin, that wasn’t his character. She should’ve realised that when they asked her to terminate him. She wondered if she should warn him about the other assassin.

“I know.” He looked at her eyes again.

“There’s someone else. Another spook. They’ll probably find you and take you out; my company is very good at it.”

“I know that too.”

He pulled the trigger.

“I lov” she started, but would never finish.

“I know” he said.