Write in for Writing's Sake

As you might've been made aware, I have been writing weekly for a blog that a friend, Aaron, has set up. It's called Write in for Writing's Sake. I am not the only one writing for it, as there are literally loads other writers submitting work that is fictional, essay or poetry for the persual of the site fellows. The only stipulation is that each week the subject changes. Recent weeks (and my stories will follow) are Murder, Dance Dance Dance and Uncomfortable.

This forces me to write to a deadline and to a subject. At first I aimed for the obscure references to the title - The Big Time, my debut, referred to Time and Space from the perspective of a watch. Curtains was a double meaning - the curtains of a prostitute in the red light district of Amsterdam but also on her self as well. At any rate, I enjoyed the challenge. I used to write short stories for my own fun a long time ago, and I like that the site has made me do it again.

Three plot outlines of earlier written stories:
- The Prime Minister kills a woman as he is driving his personal car. He is prosecuted for the crime and found not guilty and it is blamed on his driver who was innocent. Later the crime is exposed... It was so badly written and rather ambitious so my teacher humoured me I imagine, whilst chuckling at the madness of it all. I think I called it "Not Guilty?" :D

- Simple one this time - Titled "Paragraph", the plot followed a man worrying about his job, his legacy, and his time on the Earth and the crimes he had been involved in. I repeated the letters POTUS a few times in the story, revealing at the end as he is gunned down that it stood for President of the United States. Once again I was being clumsy in the structure and design of the story but the plot is pretty straight forward. I can't remember why it was called Paragraph though, that still escapes me. Might try and dig it out and polish it up.

- This one was my last real attempt - called "One Fifteen" originally it followed a Glaswegian school teacher Nate as he is held at gun point by a group of criminals after they hijack a bus for cover when the go on a drug deal. The plot is presented from various viewpoints - Nate's intially until he is captured, the police officers dealing with the investigation, the four gangsters involved in the drug deal, the Neds that hijack the bus, Nate's girlfriend and even, interestingly, the TV crews that later cover the story. I had written around 12000 words of this one before I stopped as it became so sprawlling it might have made more sense starting it again. I treated each "chapter" as its own wee story, so that might've been why it ended up so mental. At the end I had retitled it "One for the Grandkids" and was going to frame it by Nate telling his offspring the story one Christmas, but I never got round to finishing it. Nate has reappeared in my still in development novel.

Which leads me to my next point - I am currently, on and off, writing a novel. Currently titled All Alone in the Dark of Company it follows a man called Ewan and his two companions, Nate and Clarke, as they try to survive the End of Days. The twist, which is what I like about it most, is that humans turn into "Zombies" when they are around more than three people, meaning that you need to stay alone (kind of) to stay safe. Anyway, I'm 8000 words into that and might start posting chunks of it up on here to spur me on.