The Beginning of the Beginning

There are those, I know, who will say that the liberation of humanity, the freedom of man and mind, is nothing but a dream. They are right. It is the American dream. ~Archibald MacLeish

As I stepped off the plane into the tunnel concourse, marching towards the Customs and Border Control, not sure what to expect and not sure what to know would happen to me in the next few minutes, as I suddenly found myself in a different continent and world for that matter, the heat hit my face in a wall of humidity and dense warmth. It was only for a second between the two air con units of the plane and terminal, but still, it felt like a preview of heat like none I had experienced before.

45 minutes later, and I was outside. After a courteous meeting with a Border Control officer that was much less worrisome than my compulsive viewing of the UK Border Control TV show back in the UK had led me to believe I met with our chaperones for the first few hours of the American dream. Needless to say that they were so friendly it put a drunken Glaswegian on Hogmany to shame.

Since my first weekend is now over and, amazingly, I am already settling into the way of life, it’s taken a few hours at work to remind me that this isn’t a holiday. I have a hire car, warm weather, sun tan cream and a holiday complex style apartment, but I still have to go to work and do Chemical Engineering is a sobering reminder of my coming year. The strangest feeling is that work is the closest thing to home I have in my possession now, 5000 miles away from Aberdeen and my loved ones.

This is the first of many (and mean many) blog posts about the Great American States. Seriously, I have actually had to write this post simply to allow me a buffer between starting a hundred posts about Food, Football, Beer, Driving, Shopping, Shopping Malls, the Work and loads more. And it’s barely been 110 hours.