The Tale of Chemical Engineering (Part V of I)

Previously, Parts I, II, III and IV.

When I first wrote The Tale of Chemical Engineering (Part I of I) I was writing it as a brain dump. A way of voicing thoughts and feelings that I had had and had been bubbling away over the months prior to graduating. The sequel posts are actually quite a remarkable read. Part 2 notes a problem that at the time was to be solved, and was followed between parts III and IV with the eventual outcome of that problem. Ironically, there’s a fifth twist in this long running series that is easily the most important set of posts I have made on the blog and whilst it is actually painful to read them back with hindsight, I still see them as integral to me and my way of being. Much like this, oftread blog is.

The most interesting post is the most recent. Part IV was written post-Houston failure last year. It was also written before my 24th Birthday. It is amazing to think that Part I was written whilst I was 21 and, today, I have turned 25. Has there really been four years of my life chronicled by this blog? I’d like to think so, in some ways, and others there are things I have been, done, or become that are not charted upon these pages.

The biggest change is in my work, and this can be seen in the various posts made in this series. So, where am I now? I see myself an accomplished Engineer. I am a professional currently working my way into the power positions within my industry, earning my keep at the bottom of the ladder, earning the right to question and lead those of my ilk in the future. I am not sure if a managers position will suit me, and I guess no one really does until they are faced with it, but I am certain now that I want to try it at least to fail.

When I started the degree that would lead me to this position I never expected it to give the doors and chances it has. Not only has it gave me my job, it has gave me friends for life, skills that I can’t unlearn, and for better or worse, a stubborn problem solving mindset. Some friends hate it, some embrace it, most ignore it. It has also gave me wealth – personal wealth and monetary wealth. The ability to travel to places and people, meet new walks of life and, all in all, culminating in this, my year in Houston entrenched in the USA and the Texan way of life.

I once wrote, in Part I, “…a more pipe dream-like route is that I would love to write… a story, or something similar. This blog is really just an out pouring of that plan” and I stick by that. I enjoy writing, noted by my submissions to Write in for Writing’s Sake. These will start up again once I can figure out the @ and “ switch on my USAian keyboard. I think that it’s easier to be a pipe dream writer, full time engineer than the other way around. I might not even be any good, but I like what I write and I enjoy when I write it.

The advantage I have is that I am good at my job, and I enjoy it. I know people who are mediocre at their jobs and hate it, and I should be pretty happy with what I have ended up with. This, the fifth part, is not the last in the series. Who knows when I will write the next part of my opus; all I know is, I don’t.

Today is my birthday.