The Long Hall

In my current office building there is a long hallway. The hallway is the entrance and exit walk into the office and lasts around 60 yards or so, and is the longest single hallway that I have ever had to contend with in a long time. The last time I had corridors that were this length were the ones in the James Weir building at University, and normally they were filled with similarly dourfaced hungover student types walking about the corridors like zombies.

Here, however, there's a strange game of cat and mouse that has to be played - at what point do I look up, make eye contact with the person who is walking towards me, and then say hello? Do I nod? Do I even say hello? Or do we not acknowledge each other, choosing to drive past in a sphere of unawareness and ignorance? I have tried them all and there's only one I gather enjoyment from, and that is watching them make the same curious queries that I have already mentioned.