My Gaming Tourettes

I swear. You might have noticed that from my posts. I don't do it because I am angry, or that I am common, but it's a natural thing to do in my head. I mean, if there are words that I can say that succinctly address my frustrations, opinions, or even just a simple break in thought, why not use them? Interestingly enough, it appears that I swear more around people who don't swear. If I am with my friends and swearing is on the agenda I am not going to swear out of turn, or beyond my limits - at least not until alcohol in introduced.

But I find that when I am talking to some American people who, admittedly, are less sweary than I am (either because they are religious or just don't see swearing as a good thing) I am swearing a lot more. This is either I actually do swear a lot, or, and more likely, that I feel myself swearing more because of the absence of profanity in the first place.

The reason why I think the latter is true is that very recently I have been noticing my Scottish accent. I obviously will have and have had this accent forever, so it's not something new - but it's a strange feeling when you realise that you are talking with an accented voice and it starkly contrasts what anyone else is speaking in.

In saying all that, there are places that I swear more and activities that I swear more during. The main one is drinking - not only does this bring out the resident Offshore Rigger in me it also ramps up the Scotsman in me too. My accent changes from the light Scottish lilt that dons my everyday parlance to a harsh, Gorbals, thick drawl and refers far more to my Scottish slang that I normally speak in. This confounds my American cohorts and confuses my Canadian beau. The second instance of my swearing ramping up to ridiculous levels is during computer games. See below.

Don't show the video to my Mum - her face will be like this.

I warn you, it features copious amounts of me swearing in frustration but also in glee at a game called Super Meat Boy - a rather effective but maddeningly difficult Mario and Sonic style platforming computer game that I have been using to pass the time in Texas. It is simply the hardest game that I think I have ever been able to play with success and, whilst it might raise my blood pressure by 45 bar, it is also the most fun I've had playing a game in fucking years.

Mark's Game Tourettes from Mark Shields on Vimeo.