Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of the Year and Why I am Missing It

For the last two years I have posted my wonderings on why I love the season of Autumn. They can be found at the links above and are worth reading because they are like a short love note to Scotland. I hadn't realised it at the time but you know, I actually am missing parts of the bad weather in Scotland. For example, take some of the things that make Autumn my favourite time of the year - scarves, the cold smell, dark nights, frost, Guy Fawkes Night... because of my relocation to the American States I am not allowed to even think about these items and events because of the change in climate.

Last night, for example, I sat by the pool in a nice warm heat in the shorts and tee shirt drinking beer. It's the middle of October for christ's sake! I should be wrapped up in my blanket at the flat drinking tea and watching television into the dark nights rather than sunning my self poolside drinking beer... it's insane. And that I am missing the cold and dark weather of Scotland is not to say that I am not enjoying the heat here - quite the opposite in fact, the weather is amazing - but I do miss Scotland and the things that, whilst I am there living it, I probably complain about.