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In my life there are a few things that, in the last few weeks, I have decided it would be prudent to do. These range from going and having that sandwich from Schlotzky's that I have been threatening to ever since Noah introduced me to the store, via living in Texas with my girlfriend, to the over arching biggies that are goals in my life that I have the temerity to even consider to be able to do.

The first thing is that this list is, whilst not exhaustive (when has anything on this blog been exhaustive) it is meant to be an almost complete check list of things that I want to do RIGHT NOW. I want to do all these as I type them, and my life style and circumstance actually, in some respects, allows them.

Mount Everest
I am in no way suggesting that I will be able to climb this mountain as I struggle even with the easy Buchaille Etive Mor (which I managed to scale, as an aside) but in my life I want to go to Everest Base Camp. I want to see the peak of the mountain and get to see that insane landscape that is the Himalayas. This might soun unambitious, but even getting to Base Camp requires a certain level of health and skill, and whilst I might have a few bulges here and there right now, I am probably able to manage it.

India and Pakistan
Okay, so going to Everest was inspired by a few programs (and in saying "the Himalayas" I could similarly say "the World" as it's a large region) but India has been inspired by history - the fact that these countries have played such a large role in the creation of the country that I am from and the history of them is so closely intertwinned with our own I have this unsatiable need to go and see them. This can be tied into the Mount Everest trip.

One of my gig-and-band colleagues from Aberdeen is currently travelling in Japan and China as I write this and his plans were shadowed only by my envious eyes. I love the idea of going to Japan more than China because it is the home of some of the craziest things in the world and would be quite simply one of the greatest culture shocks I think I can stomach with also the greatest ease of acclimatisation. Japan might be far removed in geography but in terms of technology Japan is the mirror of the West,

See a Total Eclipse
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More to come.