Write in for Writing's Sake Recents #1

Over the last few months I've been not been to write as much as I would like - the reason for this is that I have been busy in work, but also not entirely happy with my MacBook's keyboard. That sounds hilarious and stupid but totally true - I have a strange method of typing that involves the caps lock key when I capitalise words. I quickly, without even thinking about it, switch it on and off rather than holding down the shift key. I think I picked it up from my father. The caps lock key on my Mac is woefully slow at responding to my key strokes meaning that I get loads of sentences tHAT LOOK LIKE THIS WHEN i TYPE. Inevitably, this leads to frustration.

Also, I've stopped copying them whole sale to this blog because I feel bad for not leaving them on the main site. As I assume you probably don't read the blog as much as I do, I'll link my stories (always posted as Mark... or are they?) in this post and annotate some thoughts about my recent submissions.

I wrote this one whilst reading about atheism and God. It's kind of a treatment of my own thoughts on the matter but put into a strange setting. i like the idea of the end of the world, and mostly did it to showcase some lovely interplay between characters. I like writing dialogue and telling a story through dialogue as if we are eavesdropping. This later led to the next story:
I wrote this one from memory, planting myself in a future time when I go home with my child. I decided it would be internal, and first person, and actually wrote it quickly almost as a stream of consciousness. You are allowed to submit as many as you want a week, and this is the first and only week so far that I have submitted twice. Eve, my alter ego, will be used again.

I tried to write something very different to this involving a police officer coming home to find his partner in bed with a criminal he caught but it took to long to set up and finish that by the time I had established the scene and back story I was at 1300 words. I decided to delete it completely and start from scratch. I thought some people would think that the reveal at the end was a bit cheap and a little silly, but the response I got was of shock and genuine surprise at the ending. That was my intention, of course. Possibly my favourite of the ones I have finished so far.

A throw away hack job this one, almost deliberately so. I wrote several starts for this story that didn't end up being used. The eventual outcome I am very unhappy with, but I like the idea that this story is a direct sequel to that of the first Flood story. Are these two people that same couple? I don't know if they are but it's an interesting thought.

I wrote this one from the perspective of the father originally. I wanted to place my self in the shoes of a child for a while, and when it came to me that it'd be more interesting from the child's perspective it was obvious. I changed the whole angle in minutes and I am much more happy with the out come than I would've been otherwise. The story is totally fabricated from nothing more than a supposition, unlike some of the stories what I have wrote which are formed from idea planted in my head by others, conversations, new stories I endeavor to read, or my own perspective. This is a truly fictional event.

The Dark.
Probably the scariest story I have written. Writing it genuinely terrified me when putting myself in this universe. The universe I have created here intrigues me more than this particular tale of woe and to be honest, building the history (of which there is a bible document, with events and a timeline) was intersting beyond what I would normally do. Indeed, I have considered returning to it already with a new story written for this blog in an episodic fashion and that might still happen. The concept, even if a little flawed, is not the back drop that I would like to focus on, but the struggles of a group of people in the world. I am excited to see what I can do in it.

End of the Road.
I am glad that the only comment I had from this, my first written in the US, was that it felt like a computer game or dream. That was the point. The plot is deliberately obtuse and hard to follow and whilst it's routed in fabrication and confusion, the ending is simple and satisfying. The whole thing was inspired by my recent reading of the Murakami novel "After Dark" which has the same type of strange not-real-but-real events and perspective shifting style. I also enjoyed using the second person "you" as the character because it involves you intimately in the story.

My recent one, School, will have to wait until next time. All are available, along with some stories that are infinitely better than mine, on the blog: http://writeinforwritingssake.tumblr.com/