Sports: Baseball

A goal I have set myself for the year living in the American States is simply to go to a single sports game of each of the big four sports out here - Baseball, Hockey, Football and Basketball. I'll forgo the need to go and see their Soccer team just yet, hopefully making that trip with some friends and a few beers so we can heartily laugh at the subpar football masquerading as professional sports.

My first sport that I have attended was the Houston Astros.

Sport: Baseball MLB
Team: Houston Astros
Stadium: Minute Maid Park
Cost: $25
Opponents: Los Angeles Dodgers

My level of experience with baseball is limited to say the least. I played rounders and softball in my youth only as a back up to when the majority of my friends didn't want to play football. The shocking surprise of Baseball is how much like cricket it actually is and, despite much lampooning by the Americans, they don't even see this likeness. Innings, pitchers, a bat, runs... it was as boring as cricket is to my untrained Scottish eyes.

As much as I wanted to enjoy it, the whole game was a bit boring, but the day was amazing fun - drinking, dancing, karaoke and a trip to a brewery can't and shouldn't be included in the scoring and review here, but I don't care.

Baseball gets a C rating. Poor to watch, slow to unfold, and not enough contact for me to even consider it above pool or snooker. Baseball is not for me. In saying that, the food at the "juice box" was excellent.