Going Home

This time next week, on the 17th December 2010, I shall leave the United States of America for the Empire. It will be the end of the longest time I have ever been away from the United Kingdom which, at the current count, stands at 113 days, or 2712 hours approximately. That means that in 2010 I spent 31% of the year in a different country of my birth. To be even more geeky about it, if we say that I am 25 years, 3 months and 8 days old (or 9224 days) it means that I have spent 1% of my life in the United States of America. So far of course.

Next year, I will exceed this rather strange number of 113 days by quite an amount - currently there are no plans for me to head back home until at least the beginning of August 2011, or 8 months. Taking the 3 days off from the beginning of the year that I will spend in the UK, the total time spend in the USA after this "year" will total 353 days. Adding this to my previous total, the total percentage of my life spent in the USA will amount to 3.6%. Which, is quite a lot, really.

So I am coming home. It appears that, once again, the whole of the UK has forgotten how to deal with snow. What do I expect? I expect to be freezing, shivering, drunken, slipping, driving, dancing, smiling, laughing, meeting friends, and mostly trying not forget that in the UK we driving on the right side of the road, the left.