Write in for Writing's Sake Recents #2

The last one of these was filled with posts and stories, but since my failed attempt at a novel, I've decided to delve back into the Write in for Writing's Sake thread here and there, with a novel new years resolution to write a 1000 word 'something' each week, no matter the subject and no matter the concept. We shall see how long that lasts. Also, Opinionated Reader is now the holder of the keys, so expect a bit more nudging in that direction.

As ever, I should point out that besides my woeful attempts at fiction there really is some startling work over on the site. I implore you to read them.

Inspired by Dexter and A Single Man, this was originally a story byt the student about a teacher he loved and then later killed, but that was far too broad a scope for the simple 1000 limit. Or 'limit'. What I ended up with was one of the funnest and best paced pieces I've written, and in it's short run time, there is a fair bit of exposition and exploration - it is naturally somewhere I'd love to come back to and poke around some more. That's another idea for next year - take a previously written story and move it forward.

The Last Word.
Rushed is one word to describe this story, but also harsh and angular. I wrote it in minutes, as a stream of conciousness, and managed to fit a pretty good twist in too, and it is once again another half baked plot thread. In fact, Laura implored me to return to this setting and write another thread into the fabric, and I have done just that - if I ever like it, I might post it here, but for now the story will sit as is, in stasis.

Oh god, fan fiction - yes, this was written as an in-fiction attempt at mimicking Douglas Adams' style of writing and I feared that it might be a little to heavy handed in it's allusions to his style, but it ended up ebing quite funny and I liked how it dealt with the student protests - something that I think Mr Adams would have enjoyed greatly. In any case, I loved trying on Arthur for size and maybe, god willing, I will look at a series of fan fiction plots that feature the characters in the future.

Note: My NaNoWriMo failure will be posted up in the new year, chapter at a time.

Updated 1st June 2011: links appear to have broken, so I've fixed them.