Unconnected Miscellany 2

(Part 1)

It's been more than a month since my last bout of posting which might be the biggest hiatus the blog has had since... well, the last time I didn't post. Anyway, the reason for this was that I was on an extend trip home and to Canada. There will be posts about these events in the future, and will most likely feature Ice Fishing and other such Canadian pursuits. Having only been back in the real world for 4 days or so, it's still not quite sunk in. Or reset. Anyway, here are some random thoughts that don't quite a blog post make.

- Tron Legacy
I went to see Tron Legacy at the cinema, incidentally the IMAX, in 3D. This was the first 3D film I have ever seen at an IMAX, the first time I had ever been to the cinema all on my lonesome, and most interestingly for me, at least, was a resounding success to the 3D cinema fashion. It was a well built film, a good story, and it looked stunning - not to mention the incredible soundtrack. It was a good film. One of my bugbears is the strange use of the ":" in the official title - recently, some other things have done this - Halo: Reach for example. The ":" is for the subtitle, or in my head what the film would be called if it were not a sequel - "Reach" almost works, but "Legacy"? For example The Chronicles of Naria: Voyage of the Dawn Treader" makes sense. I would much prefer it if it were just called Tron Legacy, as I have fashioned it.

- Red Dead Redemption (and Kinect)
I picked up Red Dead Redemption after I needed a game to keep my warm at night whilst Connie stayed in Canada for a few weeks. I enjoy the game immensely - it's a masterful story and a true testament to the design of a great computer game. It's slightly buggy, and a little slow, but these things can be over looked. I also played with the Kinect for Xbox - the camera motion sensor thingmy - and it was immense fun too. In fact, whilst I originally was skeptical of the prowess it might possess, I will be picking one up as soon as I can find somewhere able to sell me one.

- The Long Hall part 2
I have already told of the Long Hall. I moved office a while back and it meant that the long hall was gone but last week we moved back to this building and YO suddenly I was able to play my game again. It was going great until yesterday I was beaten down by a man who played the game better than me by asking three questions as he walked towards me and past me, not once waiting for my answer. I will one day be able to that good at the long hall.

- Trips in 2011
New York in February
San Francisco, LA, Pheonix, Vegas, and the rest of the EPIC ROAD TRIP 2011.
Cancun, possibly.
New Orleans, definitely.

- I am the Lead Engineer.
Seriously. How did that happen?