Why Don't We Talk About 2010 (2011 too)

2010 was one mother of a year. I moved to America, I found myself an amazing girlfriend, I progressed massively at my job, I started to really save money, I went a little insane in parts, and I grew up. If you had told me in January 2010 what has happened was going to happen, I'd have referred you to my Futureism posts from a while back and told you you were mental.

The year will, for me, go down in my history as probably the best in my life. So much happened in the year that it scared me into taking things seriously for the first time. Life, relationships, children, politics, writing, my hobbies, weight gain and several others were all just random thoughts and strange concepts that rarely, if ever I approached with anything more than confusion and terror.

If I was to say one thing of the year it would be this: it was a great year. The great thing about 2010 is that it has nicely set up 2011 to be even better. See, with my new springboard of good income, great location, and a excellent partner to share it all with, there's a new life coming my way and it is one that I will have never experienced. I have planned several trips to various corners of the world and the United States and these will all be incredible. I also picked up a camera.

The camera is allowing me to suddenly be able to think and take pictures that are technically able to show off the world that I live in rather than just represent it. The iPhone does an okay job at point and shoot but my DSLR is going to be my way of giving you a window into my mind. A fellow blogger, Holly, has started posting on a site where one photo a day is recommended. I am considering starting it in February because I want to see if I can make my photo taking skills into a hobby like I have done with my writing. And, most importantly, Connie has an interest and skill in this too and it will be fun learning the camera and the ways to photograph the world though our eyes.

So, 2010 was a blinder, 2011 is shaping up to be incredible. 2012 better be scared because it's going to have a struggle to keep up with the pace of my life now. And 2009 wasn't too bad either....