Holiday 2011: Part I - Introductions.

Ever since I started this blog I have used it to make little notes about my travels here and there, starting with trips to football grounds as part of working for Rock Steady, and later on my trips on summer holidays, and later, Lads XD holidays to New York and Belgium. This year marks something rather different.

This year I will be going on thousands more holidays than I normally would. In fact, I will be using my holidays from work (my vacation days) to almost exclusively travel around the United States and the rest of the world. This means that the blog will have umpteen different pots about holidays and, unlike the last few years, it will be on a wide ranging numbers of places and style of trips.

The first planned is a trip to New York City, the return for myself, but the first time with Connie. The next is a long and drawn out road trip that I've tentatively titled The West American Road Trip. Driving from San Francisco back to Houston over a three week or so period visiting places such as LA, Vegas, Pheonix, Oklahoma and North Texas before coming into Houston. My co blogger Jonathan is on this trip so we will likely chronicle this independantly.

However, that's not it by no means. Connie and I plan to head to the West, drive North, and drive East, with trips to Arizona, or LA, New Orleans, Orlando and Dallas all planned tentatively, as well as the envivitable return home from the states in September and a plan to maybe go to Paris, France, later on in the year... not to mention the other plan that has her mother flying from Canada to Scotland for the first time...

So, the year is going to be busy and I am hoping to wear out almost everything that I can think of. The North East is not really on the Agenda yet, seeing as Connie's base is pretty close to Toronto and that will give us the scope to drive to Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Up-state New York and Ottawa in future years, and further afield. Also, I have had a sudden urge to want to go to Vancouver, and British Columbia... Namely, because of photos like this: