Something Great

This past Christmas and New Year period there were some major changes to the stuck in traditions in my family household. The first, rather game changing, change was that my sister as been away from the parental nest for the first time in her life. This means that she has been living on her own, flexing her wings, and most importantly, learning to live without the 'rents, as we call them. This is not a big problem for both, but a significant step into fully grown-up children for my parents. It also means that they have lived in the family home alone for a few months. It meant that this was the first Christmas in a long time that we hadn't all seen each other. In fact, it might have been the longest time in my life that I had been away from all three close family members ever. Which meant it was a very important occasion.

The second change was that I was bring my new lady friend to Christmas for the first time. Having her mingling with the family at dinner and afterward at my Uncles house was the first time she had met the rest of my clan, and it was a stark difference to last years Christmas day trip to a local club and getting CRUNK. The day was positively perfect, and ended on a high with a meet of minds of my older friends from way back when, some of which I hadn't seen in years. It was a good change, and one I really enjoyed.

But that was only part of it. The other part, the really different part, was that we traveled across the world to Canada and met with my Connie's family for a week and a half, doing the festivities that we would've done if we had been in Canada for Christmas. I had met all the Canadian side of the family when I attended Connie's sister Randi's wedding in September, but I hadn't spent any real length of time with some of them due to fact that a wedding was taking place. More importantly, Connie hadn't met her newly born Niece, Claire, and missed her nephew Kaleb greatly. So it was a great change of pace.

In the week and a bit I was there I got to go Ice Fishing, played Kinect, ate steaks, drove a Lancer 4x4 in blizzard conditions, felt -24'C for the first time in my life, met Connie's best friend's husband for the first time, skated on ice for the first time in years and generally had the most fun in a long time over both the UK trip back home and the Canada trip back to my other home in waiting.

This is going to become a regular addition to my life, for the moment, and most likely for the foreseeable future. The only way I can see making it fair is if we rotate the holidays which means I might be facing my first Christmas outside the UK in my life next year.

The adventure continues.