Made to Disappear

So show him what you lose
When you answer no
Catch the cold
You sail on your own
We share in the toll
And we're all alone

Reminds me of her groan
You said
Forget the night ahead
She'll never
Find her on her own
Find her on her own

So tell me if it's wrong then who's to know?
We shared in the toll
We sailed on our own
And she fits the mould

To the one we know
You'll never have some honest fun
You said lover be fair
Throw your ties to the pair
You'll always have your honest one

on the way to Bordeaux
you'll never have some honest fun
you said lover be fair
throw your lies to the fare

You'll always your honest one
I'll always be your honest one
You'll always have some honest fun.

Made to Disappear by The Twilight Sad from Forget the Night Ahead