Occasionally, I'll realise that a long held world view has been entirely and completely wrong.  I guess it's due to my youth, but also my ignorance, but recently I've also been humbled by other people life styles.  As an example, the coolest thing I've recently been talking to people about is Lent and the rituals that people go through.  I'd never even considered the connections between Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, apart from eating pancakes, listening to Girl From Mars and thinking about some amazing Why? lyrics and I honestly couldn't explain why I hadn't considered to think or learn about these subjects.

Imagine my surprise then when I realise that one of the oldest jokes I know might actually be about something completely different to what I have been think all my life?  Reading on an internet forum I came across a shocking revelation about the following joke:

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side!

For as long as I can remember all that I have inferred from that joke was that the humour is derived from the fact that it's obvious that was the reason that the chicken crossed the road.  I mean, why else would anyone cross the road!  But maybe, just maybe, there is another meaning - a dark and deep metaphysical definition, one that at it's core has a strange spiritual meaning that the chicken will actually cross to the other side of this mortal coil.  The chicken will most likely be hit by a car and fucking DIE.

I know, okay, maybe I am reading too much into it, but it's something that I have again never even thought about - it might be because I had heard the joke so long ago, as a child, and never re-questioned it.  Or maybe because this is all total bullshit and I am over thinking the stupidest joke ever but should at least make you think.  It made me think, and that must be pretty impressive for a Friday morning's random internet reading.