Rodeo Hipster

There's something that feels really odd about walking around in blue Wrangler jeans, Cowboy boots, a shirt tucked into, large belt and the ostentatious Cowboy hat on any other day other than the 31st of October.  It was a strange feeling - I commented that it felt like hiding in plain sight.  We, three interlopers: Joe, Connie and I, walking through midtown in humid showers of rain towards the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo.  I felt like someone who had been told by his mates "yeah yeah, we will all be dressed up like ladies, yeah mate" but isn't quite sure about it as he walks slowly up to the bar in stockings and suspenders.

But that was all part of the fun - firstly, because I had bought the cowboy boots for more than just the rodeo, and that if I had left Texas without having at least bought a Cowboy hat, I might as well have no even came here.  So, off we traipsed to Reliant Stadium, the home of where we went to see the NFL, to watch some Rodeo action and see Keith Urban, a man I had previously never heard before, put on a concert show.

The Scotsman With No Name
The Rodeo is exactly as you would imagine it, but with possibly a little more commercial considerations that you could imagine it without really understanding what an event it is - the stadium isn't sold out, the top tier is practically empty, but when the stadium can easily fit 80k spectators, it's not a bad thing for a Tuesday night's Rodeo action.  Here, before the concert, we see men and woman wrestle bulls, dride back back horses, have wagon races, try to tie hogs up, catch cattle with lassos, and watched kids try their hand at mutton busting and calf scramble, all of which were very entertaining.  The most impressive part of the night was the organisation in having all these wild animals inside the stadium and making sure that they perform, if that's the right word, on cue.

Our Feet are Texan Now
The concert was excellent too - Keith Urabn can write a melody with some of the best of them, and can hold a note, so it wasn't unexciting for someone without any experience in his music - also, much fun was had with the text screens at either side of the stadium.  I noticed these when we were at the NFL match where they read out the position on the field and comments by the referees to everyone in the stadium.  For the concert it not only put up the lyrics to each song it also translated what Mr Urban was saying in between songs.

All in all, screw the haters - wearing Cowboy boots, a hat and shirt was as cool as I ever thought it would be and made for a very enjoyable night.