The Spark

My other half Connie has started blogging again after starting last year with a pretty interesting post about metaphysical knitting.  A nice picture of Benson on her blog is a good start, and I'll be prodding her to keep updating with her interesting thoughts over the coming weeks.  There's something though that I had to learn when I started the blog - never write when you have nothing to write about.

The moments that I have tried to force to write something have always ended up with aborted stupid posts that have little or no relevance or insight behind them and are the ones that I look back on and sometimes feel like "why the hell did I even try to write that, let it get posted, can I not have some sort of quality control?".  These moments of struggled fluidity come rarely and pass within a few days - if you look at my posting history so far this month you could probably chart the moments that I have had little on my mind to post and the moments that I have had "the Spark".  These are the moments where, in a fit of sudden lucidity, I manage to bang out several posts about random things in quick succession - this run being a great example of it, having posted things straight since last Thursday, as well as writing a long series of posts so far in advance that I have completely filled my Blogger posting dashboard with scheduled posts for the first time in my blogs lifetime - you'll find out more about this come the 31st of March which is the beginning of the marathon.

It also makes me think about my most prolific moments when writing on the blog.  If you look at the archive to the right -> you can see, at a glance, that 2009 was the most posted year so far, with 2010 being actually a decrease in posts with a decrease of 20% in the number being posted - interestingly, I have posted less articles in the first three months of this year than is the difference between 2009 and 2010.  And, technically, I am behind as this is the 19th post this year, compared to 2008 which had had 26 posts in the first three months.

So what does it mean?  Nothing really.  Am enjoying writing less?  Am I running out of ideas?  I haven't enjoyed writing any more at any point in my life, as I feel like my blog has matured as I have done, and I don't think I could run out of ideas really seeing as I post anything I want.  And, considering that there are 31 posts due to be posted in 31 consecutive days , I don't think my average for the year will be low when 2012 rolls around.  I suppose it is a kind of cheating, but the last long run in consecutive posts started on the 15th June 2009 with this post and lasted until the 22nd of June with this post (discounting the weekend, of course).

I might remind my readers, of which there are (a) few, that I don't write for anyone else other than me - I enjoy it, and the moment I stop enjoying it is the moment I stop writing.  However, I don't see that happening for a long time.