Laugh.  Go on, I give you permission to laugh right now at the thought of me doing yoga - I suggest you do laugh right now whilst I give you the chance because once this sentence if over, it's going to be serious from there on in.

After a fairly abortive attempt to do Yoga a year or so ago in Aberdeen one lonely bored Saturday afternoon, I had decided that the practice of such an exercise was not for me - I was no where near flexible for the class and the teacher did not suffer my lack of skill very well, leaving me behind and letting me leave the studio disillusioned with the aspects of Yoga that I had been exposed to.  Spin forward 12 months and I am a full convert.

Connie does it and swears by it and, as referenced by my first attempt, it was something that I had read about and decided I'd like to try.  At least give it a go and see what it can do to my body and what it would make me feel.  Since my first shot at it, I have now done it a few times since and I already feel difference, better and more importantly, can seriously feel progress in the poses that I have been attempting that at first I struggled with but now I can seriously manage them without straining.

It also gives me this pretty amazing sense of core control - a warmth that spreads slowly after starting and builds until, later on, it suddenly sweeps over my whole body and into the little cracks that I can feel appearing on a day to day basis.  Without regular five a side football and almost zero strenuous walking I have to supplement my diet with some exercise and Yoga doesn't replace that but it does make me feel like I am working muscles, releases tension and, in my mind the key is that it is partly meditation.  I feel knots and worries fall away as I lie at the end, slowly readjusting to movement, slowly building back up to moving again.

Yoga is something I had wanted to try but was slightly embarrassed to but now I'll proclaim it's benefits from the highest platforms I have because it is a great thing to have started and I look forward to seeing where I can take my body and into what condition it will help my body turn into.