The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 1 – Your Favourite Song

Trouble by Coldplay from the album Parachutes

It starts with an impossible one. How do I answer the eternal question that is “what’s your favourite song?”? It changes daily, if not hourly, and it can sway from electronica, post rock, indie rock to ambient and even more. So instead, I’ll answer by really saying what had been my favourite song for the longest time, and that’s Coldplay’s Trouble. When I first heard it, it was a gateway to a new sound, an section of music that had been missing – remember, Coldplay started out as innocuous as most bands, with a good debut album that slowly permeated the mainstream. Coldplay would later become million sellers, but this song, and its heartfelt piano and slowly stomping pace, would mesmerise for years. In fact, on some days I’d still say it’s my favourite song.