The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 13 – A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure

Call the Shots by Girls Aloud from Tangled Up

You know what?   I’ve put this in the Guilty Pleasures section, but I don’t think it should be – Girls Aloud have released some of the greatest, unpretentious pop music of the last ten years, without even a mention of that atrocity that is Lady Gaga.  This track is one of their best, and the chorus is typically dripping with catchy melody, like Chemistry and Sound of the Underground.  I’d quite happily go and see the band unironically, and with genuine glee – the band are everything that is good about pop music, even manufactured pop music.  Remember, they came from Pop Stars: The Rivals, and that is quite amazing.  If only they were to reform and do something new.