The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 2 – Your Least Favourite Song

Aga Do by Black Lace from the Depths of Hell

Least favourite doesn’t equate to worst, as I realised when I started to decide this one... and it was clear that I had to really think as to what song I hated the most. I struggled however because I don’t listen to music I don’t like – even I am not that sadistic. I used to listen to BBC Radio 1 in the mornings to get annoyed at Chris Moyles, not to listen to the 3 or 4 tracks he plays every 30 minutes, but some do annoy me, but I can’t say that’s their fault; I listen to them knowing I am going to hate them, so why listen to them at all? So I decided to choose something that I really hate – a song that isn’t even music, it’s a mistake, an abomination, a disaster of sonic collusion.