The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 26 – A song that you can play on an instrument

I Became a Prostitute by The Twilight Sad from Forget the Night Ahead

I used to drum, as my friends will know, and it is something that I never lost the ability to do actually. Kind of like riding a bike. However, you do need to keep practising for it to be able to still be considered good and when albums are released with songs like this on them I can’t help but crack out the sticks and start playing. I really miss being able to do that here, in the states, as I don’t have either my electronic kit nor the Rock Band drum set that is good for fake drumming on. I wish I could own a drum kit but without my own place and a space for it to be as loud as possible, then I am not able to try it. Indeed, I hope there to be a room in my house with a few instruments and a good skinned blue kit will fit in nicely.