The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 30 – Your favourite song this time last year

Shelter by The XX from xx

This song was such a big part of my 2010. It was also a massive part of my 2009 as well. Interestingly, I guess, I haven’t listened to it much in 2011 with so much else taking my attention away. But The XX have around another year or so before they release their next album I’d guess and by then I’ll be up in arms about a) it hasn’t changed b) it sounds totally different and c) I prefer their debut. So I guess I should just enjoy it for what it is – but my goodness does this album soundtrack walking home late at night. It... just has this feeling of buses, trains, orange street lights and blinking traffic lights that are stopping and regulating empty streets. In my head, that’s what I see, and I love it.