The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 5 – A Song that Reminds You of Someone

Insomnia by Feeder from Yesterday Went Too Soon

The track almost certainly epitomises my musical friendships with almost all my close friends from back in Glasgow. At high school we traded music like currency and to find a band was almost like to bring in Gold. The introduction of Feeder by Steven and Colin, via Gran Tourismo and other sources, was a watershed – they were the band to like, and I saw them three times in as many years, twice on the same tour, around the release of their album Comfort in Sound. I recently told Connie the story of when I bought the album, in immaculate detail, right down to the jacket I was wearing, what day of the week it was, even what time most likely. It was a Monday, October 2002, it was raining, and likely was the 21nd as that was the day the album came out. I was wearing a long tan coloured jacket that had big enough inside pockets to fit my Sony Discman and a few CD cases. That particular song, from their second album, reminds me the most of Steven and Colin, and by Induction Michael. Long gone days.