The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 9 - A Song You Can Dance To

Get Innocuous! by LCD Soundsystem from Sound of Silver

If you can’t dance to at least one song by James Murphy and co, you might as well give up having feet.  The mix of rock structures, beats, dance loops, synths and shouting call and response lyrics are a mixture as deadly as napalm.  I don’t know how to dance, and I have no idea what I look like when I do dance, and normally end up dancing more stupidly to over act on the dancing that I can’t do, but when I hear the slow build up in this song and the thudding of bass as it kicks in 1:39... I can’t help but want to bounce my head and start throwing some series shapes.  It’s get better, gradually builds into one of the greatest opening tracks on any album.  He almost destroyed it with the opening of This is Happening, the follow up to this album, with a track called Dance Yrself Clean, but that brings back more happy memories of dancing, drunk on red and white wine, with Connie in the flat in Aberdeen but nothing makes me want to dance more than Get Innocuous!