400: The 30 Day Song Challenge Day 21 – A Song that you listen to when you’re happy

Any Day Now by Elbow from Asleep in the Back

You know, I could’ve easily have said At the Drive in again, but I have chosen not to – I will say that I like to jump around when I am happy, and nothing beats jumping around to At the Drive-in, happy or angry, but Elbow is a more calming choice and I think it’s more in tune with what the question really is asking.   Any Day Now feels like an audio hug – like someone saying, ‘ach, come on in, I’ll put the kettle on’ and I just fall down onto the sofa, wrap myself in a blanket and watch Columbo all day.  It’s a great opener to a happy album that is soothing and nice.

This is my 400th post.
300 (or 301, ahem).