The Gallery of Old Logos

When I first started writing this blog back in late 2006, it was first on Bebo and as such, those first few tentative posts were lost forever when I deleted my Bebo account.  Which is a shame because, other than that, the rest of my ramblings on here have been left remarkably fingerprinted, even down to the style that my blog has had over the years, starting as a sole diary for drunken and working misdemeanours, before shifting to less self centred events, to musings and more recently, actual formulated opinions on people, places and events.  Over the course of this period I have played with the actual look of the blog almost as often as I have posted on it.  The reason for this is that I am notoriously fickle and enjoy a lot of freedom with which to change the look and style of the blog - indeed, back in 2009, I flirted with Wordpress because at the time it afforded me the chance to use CSS and design my own template.  This ended up being so prohibitively hard that I left it to the experts and came back to blogger, limping, licking my wounds.

Within the Blogger system I can change much more now that I could back then, and so now that I know that all my old logos have been saved, it's quite nice to reflect on them after changing the style of the blog again.  When I first started the blog, I named it The Crashing Sound of Insanity Impacting Reality which was a mouthful.  Indeed, it took several years before I was to shrink it to just The Crashing Sound of Insanity before finally pulling that obtuse title and calling it what it is now: The Blog of Mark Shields which is as plain as I can get without just calling it My Blog and leaving it as that.  Which... honestly, I have considered.

The Genesis of Pretence
The first few logos, here, range from back around 2007 to 2008 I think, and they have a sort of theme running through them.  Actually, most of my logos and designs do have some kind of theme.

The above change solicited a post.

The White Era, 1
This was the biggest change - black background to white background.  In keeping with the style, the colours of the words carried over into the new style, as did the name.  What I did do this time around was getting rid of those stupid tags and titles - you know, if you had been reading my blog 3 years ago, there were categories that I used rather than the tagging system.  No idea why.  Anyway, I ditched it when I changed to the below style.

Got rid of the big box logo for the smaller one.

The Lyrical Headers, 1 and 2
From here on in, the name was slowly going to evolve and change.  Firstly, I added the Lyric Headers to the blog, a nice artistic addition that I really liked.  Also, it allowed my to play with the use of a Serif font that would continue to be used for a while.

See?  Name changed to The Crashing Sound of Insanity.

I got rid of the lyrics for a short while here, before reverting back to them soon after.  The reason was that I was trying to use books, TV shows and films instead of music, but none work as well as a short bite like lyrics, and I also don't know many off by heart.  Music speaks to me more.

The Start of the Grey
White to grey background.  I pulled the style for this logo from the Limmy site - big text saying BLOG was my idea of a cool idea.  Also, notice the little slogan underneath?  That was a good idea that would stay with me for a while.

Serif font replaces the San Serif font.  I hated it.

The Only Upset
The most mental logo I have ever put up on here also drew the biggest reactions - not only from readers but others who rarely read the blog - in fact, the whole idea of this was to see how far I could push my styles and the look of the blog within the confines of the Blogger templates as they were.  I also reverted back to a white background for this style, and purple text, that survived for a few months and into late last year.  The sheer size of this logo was also quite startling, taking up almost all of the screen on my old Vaio laptop, meaning you had to scroll quite a while to get to the meat.  This episode drew a comment from me (and then a retraction).  It should be noted however that from this mess (and it was a mess; a mess of a logo and a silly idea) came the current name. 

The Mood Stones
Much better.  Put up not long after the above mis-step.

And then it evolved.  I reused the slogan idea from previous logos, that even included the horrible mis-step above.

This special header was used during my exile.

The Photgraphs
And this is the start of the current generation.  I spent 2 hours working on the new template that you see before to this day (May 2011) in July 2010 meaning that it might be the longest my blog will go with any significant changes.  Most interestingly, this is the first time I would start to use pictures - this one taken from a free stock photo site.  Taken under creative commons license I used it for a while before starting to experiment with the feel that the top-most picture gave the blog, changing it to reflect not only my mood and ideas but also what I was going to be writing about.  The wine corks looked great, but weren't really me per se - I don't drink enough wine!

Note the return to Serif fonts.

My glasses' first appearance and the first photo taken by myself specifically for the blog.

Subtle change in font here, and also an even more subtle change in the title - rather than mentioning that I am in Texas, this was modified to show that I am in the US.  The photo is, again, my own.

An unused logo from earlier this month.  This continues the theme of the binoculars, but I am yet to use it officially... but I will.  I like the idea of having the blog logos based around these rather strange objects.

And the current logo, posted here for historical accuracy.  Already, I have had a mixed reaction to it - my Girlfriend liking it whereas my sister bemoaning it.  I like it.  And it had been started (as a project) back in March 2011.  So it's been a while in the works.

For as long as I have the blog, I will forever be tinkering with it and changing it.  And one day I will return it to a logo like the older ones - maybe for the 5th or 10th anniversary.  To the future.